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Supply chain finance is a solution that links buyers and suppliers and combines the elements of technology, finance, and services to provide buyers with enhanced payment capabilities via electronic payment method while facilitating working capital management strategies that offer suppliers the opportunity to migrate to less costly payment methods while providing cost-effective financing opportunities and affective cash flow management. 

Our Supply Chain Finance Solution

Innervation’s Supply Chain Finance solution provides flexible, alternative supplier financing delivering working capital improvements and unlocking cash and liquidity from the supply chain. Our solution enables companies to improve working capital, while also reducing the risk of supplier disruption due to illiquidity. 



We offer an attractive alternative to expensive, traditional factoring programs by offering a lower discount and more flexible terms than small and diverse suppliers would achieve on their own. 



For large corporate buyers, supply chain finance offers an opportunity to extend DPO (Days Payable Outstanding), improving buyer working capital, while simultaneously improving the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) of strategically important suppliers. The Innervation platform manages the straightforward workflow, which is designed with the supplier in mind. Approved invoices are uploaded from the buyer’s ERP and suppliers elect which invoices they prefer to be paid early based on manual selection or auto pay. The platform will then calculate the payment required, based upon the agreed terms.


Supply chain finance will optimize cashflow for buyers, strengthen relationships with key suppliers and significantly reduce supply chain disruption risks.

Supplier Onboarding Tools 


To maximize suppliers’ participation in the supply chain finance programs, Innervation Finance supports its clients to identify potential suppliers for the program, quantify the value of supplier participation, solicit supplier participation, and enable suppliers on the cloud platform. Innervation Finance delivers a custom web portal for each client to deploy to their supplier communities, delivering personalized dashboards for invoice management, online calculations, and summary reporting to make it easy for suppliers to join the invoice financing programs as well as encourage continued use. 

Buyer Portal 


The supply chain finance buyer’s portal offers complete visibility and control over the financing programs. Buyers can track KPIs across all of their diverse suppliers who are engaged in their supply chain finance program via customizable reports, dashboards, and analytics. Innervation’s portal also delivers customizable rules and parameters which can be configured to meet the program requirements, business terms, as well as connectivity with the buyer’s ERP solution for invoice integration. Key features include credit note management, financing rules definition, interest term customization, workflow-based approval and notifications, and automatic financing capabilities