Our Vision

Innervation Finance Group is a tech-enabled company that uses supply chain finance to drive capital efficiency and procurement spend optimization for the benefit of strategically important small and diverse suppliers. Small and diverse suppliers are companies that are majority-held by ethnic minorities, women, disabled persons, veterans, LGBTQ individuals and firms designated as small and/or disadvantaged by the Small Business Administration.  


Innervation Finance uses a robust technology platform to seamlessly integrate with ERP systems of large corporations and our global banking partners to bring this best-in-class working capital solution to market. Our solution takes a collaborative approach to addressing the most significant challenge diverse suppliers face - accessing affordable working capital finance – a significant impediment to capturing a greater share of procurement spend from their most important customers.


Innervation’s solution improves working capital for both large corporate buyers AND their small and diverse suppliers reducing supply chain disruption risks.

Our Mission

Innervation brings efficiency to day-to-day supply chain transactions flow.  Innervation can only work in a holistic environment where buyers, diverse suppliers and banks receive the support that they require to run their operations smoothly. At Innervation we let our clients focus on what they do best, and we will do the rest.  Our managed services approach includes a world-class technology platform that supports efficient onboarding, thorough Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering screening, third-party funding and best-in-class support services.

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, Innervation will help you optimize your working capital and keep your cash flow sufficient. If you are a bank, we help you to create business solutions that are entirely client-centered and complimentary to your existing client solutions.