Market Environment for Small, Medium and Diverse Suppliers

Innervation is a financial technology company that uses effective early payment solution to drive capital efficiency and procurement spend optimization for the benefit of strategically important small, medium and diverse suppliers of credit-worthy-buyers. Our successful liquidity management tool mitigates the access to capital challenges of these suppliers.


As corporate buyers request longer payment terms, suppliers’ cash flows become increasingly stressed.  As a result, suppliers face greater business risks and working capital constraints that restrict opportunities for growth and long-term success.  The current banking environment makes it difficult to finance term extensions, and with higher capital costs and increased loan declination rates affecting small, medium and diverse suppliers, Innervation’s working capital solution provides flexible financing, improves and unlocks cash and liquidity from the supply chain enabling customers/buyers to improve their working capital while reducing the risk of supplier disruption due to illiquidity. Innervation's early payment solution provides suppliers with early payments against buyer-approved invoices at attractive financing rates that are based on the credit profile of their credit-worthy customers.