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Improving Working Capital and Strengthening Supply Chains

About Us


Innervation Finance Group is a tech-enabled company that provides an early payment solution that drive capital efficiency and procurement spend optimization. We help buyers save money while providing working capital support to their strategically important small, medium and diverse suppliers. 


Our robust SOC1 and SOC2 compliant technology platform seamlessly integrates with popular ERP systems, speeding up onboarding and implementation. Our collaborative approach is a win-win for both buyers and suppliers. 


Innervation’s solution optimizes working capital for buyers AND their suppliers while eliminating the risks that can lead to supply chain disruption in the process.

Our Vision


Innervation Finance Group is a tech-enabled company that uses supply chain finance to drive capital efficiency and procurement spend optimization. Successful early payment programs provide buyers with an optimize DPO (Days Payables Outstanding) while reducing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) for suppliers strengthening the supply chain. We help buyers and suppliers optimize their working capital and cash flow needs. 

Who We Are


The working capital finance market for small, medium and diverse suppliers is challenging as traditional providers of capital face increased regulatory oversight, higher transaction costs, tightened credit standards and consolidation of banking assets across fewer institutions. We offer experience and expertise navigating the banking universe efficiently and effictively for both buyers and suppliers.

Our Mission


Innervation is the leading supply chain finance partner to assist you with the financing needs of your small, medium and diverse suppliers. We help you to free up the cash flow tied up in working capital while ensuring your supply chain stability and suppliers' access to liquidity. 

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